31 July 2010

News + New Media Partner

Hello guys! Excited much?
I've got some news to tell you about...

First of all, The RUNWAY Magazine is moving to another blog (on wordpress.com). This blog won't be deleted though. It will become a news blog of our magazine. Here will be published spoilers, party invites, news and etc. The new blog is under construction, so stay tuned!

Secondly, guess what? The RUNWAY Magazine is now an official Media Partner of the stardoll's next biggest project "Stardoll Fashion Week". Don't know about it? Here's what the official blog says:

"Hello, Fashionistas! Welcome to the Stardoll Fashion Week site - a place, where everyone can express their creativity and get some of their dreams come true.
At the moment we are preparing everything to launch the first Stardoll Fashion Week in September! I think it will begin at the end of the month, but now we need to find designers! We already have some talented newcomers, but what's Fashion Week for only a few? No way, it's a huge Stardoll event, because now even Stardoll.com might feature the designs from SFW in the Starplaza! So, guys, everything needs to be on the highest level. You have to read all the info on the site you can find them on pages at the top.

Apply to be a media partner and, of course - a designer! You know what it takes, right?

In September Spring-Summer 2011 collections will be shown, so if you want to apply - don't forget about it! Also, good news is that even if you don't consist in Fashion Group, you can still participate! You can apply for the Spring Summer season from 28.07-15.08! Be quick and don't miss your chance to become Stardoll's most famous designer - and win a lot of prizes!

Good luck!"

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  1. how do i apply? my username is sedonaj